Block Producer &
Blockchain dApp

We are a Block Producer and creator of the Daily Telos dApp, a public record system built atop the powerful Telos Blockchain.

Block Producer &
Blockchain dApp

Daily Telos unlocks the power of public bulletin entries on the powerful decentralized Telos network.

Consolidate your blockchain news, posts, logs, reports and other brief text content all into one Telos account. Keep records specific, and consolidated.

Grow in your knowledge of blockchain and its uses. Post public entries for your own records, or for others to view.

Create and access immutable reports, text entries, public notices and journals. You can verify files using Daily Telos, posting what is called proof of existence records.

Daily Telos
Digital Solutions
on the Telos Network

We seek to create an expanding offering of decentralised solutions for the Telos Network, which unlocks potential that other blockchains are simply unable to provide.

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Latest Daily Telos Entries


Thanking our new colleagues Yes ladies and gentlemen – Daily Telos is now a Telos block producer… but we wouldn’t have got here without help.

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By Goldsmith Telos block production Telos is no longer the best kept secret in blockchain. It is living, breathing, thriving ecosystem. So much vitality. So

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By Goldsmith Notice Board What started as a personal, timestamped blockchain diary – has now become something more… so much more. The Daily Telos you

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of an international crew, including members from Australia and Singapore.  We met on the blockchain, and migrated to the Telos ecosystem shortly after it was established.  As we became avid fans of Telos technology, in 2021 we launched Daily Telos, a blockchain journaling system.  From this venture, we have decided to launch a Block Producer initiative in late 2021 and develop an expanded roadmap for Daily Telos.



Project oversight and organising, decentralised crypto enthusiast, focused on covering projects at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Ted L.

Lead technical developer for Daily Telos projects and IT head for block production.

Daily Telos Calendar

Public Notice Board

Utilize the calendar as a public notice board, post links to news articles on your website, share blog posts, or share project updates.

Formatted Public Entry

Daily Telos provides for basic mark-up formatting for your calendar post. This is great for creating date specific entries on the Telos blockchain.

Post Sharing

You can share your entries with your friends or on social networks, if you wish, just by copying the link.

Immutable Record

Your entries will be saved without being able to edit them, forever in the Telos Blockchain. Each post contains a link displaying the transaction record on the blockchain.

Telos Block Producer

Initiative to Uphold Decentralised Values

In late 2021, Daily Telos became a block producer on the Telos Network.  Our block production account is dailytelosbp. Our servers are located in Singapore, a stable and autonomous country in South-East Asia. Our founders believe in the traditional decentralised ethos and uphold these values for the Telos ecosystem.