Daily Telos

Your life's purpose - forever upon the blockchain

The Daily Telos app allows you to post a permanent and immutable record, onto a decentralised and public blockchain. 

Once posted, a Daily Telos public record becomes part of the history of the Telos Network. Each record is timestamped and issued a unique transaction ID.

The records are then displayed on a convenient to use calendar, making entries simple to locate and access for future reference.

Daily Telos Features

DAILY TELOS is a convenient and multi-purpose application for diligent individuals.

As a DIARY – posted entries will be recorded permanently on a decentralised blockchain – with events able to be recalled in an instant.

As a PUBLIC NOTICE BOARD – posts can be shared throughout other social media platforms, but never altered.

As a PROOF – entries are timestamped, immutable and readily retrievable. should they ever be needed as testimony or evidence.

As a JOURNAL – your thoughts are always at hand. Accessible with any internet browser on any device. You never need to carry a bulky journal book again.

As a SHIP or AIRCRAFT LOG you will have a permanent digital record of your travels undertaken, conditions and events.

For FARMERS, Daily Telos is your inexpensive FARM MANAGEMENT TOOL, enabling you to run multiple digital diary accounts for livestock, paddocks, machinery, tasks and weather.

For TRADE and BUSINESS people, Daily Telos is a quick and convenient way to make a record of receipts, payments, timesheets and meetings.

There is no limit to the uses creative people will have for their DAILY TELOS

Fitness Diary? Calorie Counter? Movie Review & Rating Catalogue?

And as usership expands, we will ENHANCE THE FUNCTIONALITY of the app further.

Finally – creating Daily Telos entries is INEXPENSIVE – at mere cents per post.


No ads – No monthly fees – No credit card required

Just the crypto equivalent of a CENT or TWO each time you post.

And NO PERSONAL DATA to be sold!