Daily Telos
public Notice Board

Create immutable blockchain records on Telos Network.

Daily Telos platform allows for posting of public notices on an immutable blockchain.  Each record is associated with a transaction ID and exists inside of a specific block number.

Once recorded, a Daily Telos public record forever becomes part of the history of the Telos Network.  These records are displayed on a convenient to use calendar, making entries simple to access for future reference.


Unfortunately, there have always been problems when it comes to maintaining a diary, including:

Diary books are cumbersome, costly and not very practical in the modern world Pellentesque imperdiet ultricies interdum. 

Digital diaries are reliant on third parties to maintain the your history and data. And if the service provider goes out of business – many years of your effort could be lost.

Many years worth of diary books will take up a lot of valuable storage space and can be difficult to quickly review

Both written diaries and digital diaries are able to be edited and tampered with and as such, may not be considered a reliable record if needed for legal proceedings.

Benefits of Using Daily Telos

As our Daily Telos application hopefully expands, we will be able to highlight additional features, which will remain backward compatible with the existing immutable records already entered into the Daily Telos historical record.

At present, the main benefits of using Daily Telos are formatting notices and public announcements on the immutable blockchain of Telos Network.

Daily Telos as a Diary

Originally, we had launched Daily Telos as a public blockchain diary.  As a diary, each entry you make is recorded forever on the Telos blockchain – with Telos being one of the fastest and most advanced public blockchains in existence.

Each diary entry / journal becomes your very own timestamped and signed public record. Preserving the story of your life, your thoughts, your aspirations and your version of events – forever.

Similarly you will always have access to your diary – regardless of whether you use the Daily Telos interface, or another of your choosing.

All it takes to get started is a new Telos account, some Telos (TLOS) tokens and the will to better oneself.

If you choose to use Daily Telos in this way, keep it up!  However, we realize the project has far more uses than specifically as a diary system.