Blockchain Diaries

Why would I use a blockchain diary?

There are a few huge advantages to a Daily Telos blockchain diary, over a regular paper diary.

First, you can access your diary on any mobile or desktop browser. As such you are not carrying a book around with you; or, looking for physical space to store years worth of diaries.

Second, you can never lose your diary. Your diary is forever stored upon the blockchain and will always be accessible. (At least so long as the Telos blockchain continues to operate).

Third, you will have a signed, provable and timestamped public record of your activities and this will be available to you, should such evidence ever be required.

Next, your diary exists on a decentralised public blockchain, resistant to censorship and seizure.

Finally, you can access your diary via any Telos blockchain explorer. You could also build your own diary interface to read your account entries and the data will all still be there.

Is my diary private on the blockchain?

No – your diary entries can be viewed by anyone who takes the time to read them.

Your diary will form part of a great public record accessible to all and potentially until the end of time.

If privacy is your major concern – the key for you is to keep your Daily Telos diary anonymous. At least until such time as you might need to produce it. Maintaining an anonymous diary is discussed in more detail below.

Are my diary entries encrypted?


For a time we did consider encryption for Daily Telos blockchain diaries. However, we deemed that the benefits derived from keeping the diaries a matter of public record, far out-weighed any benefit which might be derived from personal encryption. Especially when you consider the strong possibilities that decryption keys would be lost and that the encryption itself could be broken or fail.

The only thing that is encrypted is your Telos account. This means, so long as you keep your private key safe, only you can post diary entries to the blockchain on your account.

Is my diary account anonymous?

It can be, if you choose it to be. Whilst every diary entry remains on the blockchain in perpetuity, the contents really mean little to anyone reading the entries if you keep your identity to yourself.

Now anonymity is not for everyone – many people want to share their lives with the world and there is perhaps no better place to do this than Daily Telos. But for those who value their anonymity – keep reading.

How do I best keep my diary account anonymous?

  • A non-descript Telos account name would be a good start. Even if it is just 12 random letters.
  • Multiple diaries might also help – perhaps a different diary for different activities. Perhaps a social diary, plus a work diary, plus a health diary.
  • Never mention your name or those of your family members, work colleges, friends etc. Use codes for people and places.
  • Avoid detailing your occupation in full, your employer, your school, clubs you belong to etc.
  • Keep discussion relatively general – merely to refresh your memory of events.
  • Don’t tell anyone about your Daily Telos blockchain diary (though we would prefer you did).

Why do I need a new Telos account? Can’t I just use my current one?

Daily Telos is a web-based browser and you will need to enter your Telos active private key into it in order to post your diary entries to the Telos blockchain.

As anyone in the blockchain industry will tell you – ‘never, ever, ever enter your private key onto a website’. So, we recommend setting up a new Telos account, with a new private key and then simply top this new account up with TLOS or HEARTs as needed.

In fact, if your account has over 2,000 TLOS in it – Daily Telos will not let you enter your private key. We take your security very seriously.

Does Daily Telos record my private key?


Your Daily Telos diary entries are being signed with your private key, on your device. Your private key will not leave your computer.

A little warning through – your private key might be saved into the password manager connected to your browser. This does make using Daily Telos very convenient. You should ensure however that this password manager is secure on your device.

What happens if I lose my private keys?

Should you lose the private keys to your diary account – it is not the end of the world.

You will not lose your ability to view your diary. You will simply lose your ability to continue making diary entries under this account name. You will also lose any TLOS or other tokens held in the account.

All you would need to do in this case is set up a new diary account and use this going forward. Perhaps not unlike buying a new paper diary.

What is the maximum number of characters allowed for each diary entry?


How much does each diary / journal entry cost?

It depends on how many characters – but put simply – 1 TLOS or 1 HEART minimum up to a 2 TLOS or 2 HEART maximum.

Do I need Telos Resources to power my Telos account?


This is how modern, third generation, proof-of-stake blockchains work. You stake some of your tokens to give you permanent access to the system resources.

We suggest that you stake 1-2 TLOS as CPU, 0.5 TLOS as NET and purchase 0.5 TLOS worth of RAM. You can stake and purchase RAM within your SQRL wallet.

Do I need to write in my diary every day?

You may write in your diary as frequently or occasionally as you desire. However, if you are living each and every day to the maximum – we suggest at least daily.

Can I make multiple diary entries in the one day?

Yes you can, however each diary entry written unto the blockchain incurs the 1-2 TLOS / HEART entry fee.

Why was my diary entry posted to yesterday; or, tomorrow?

Daily Telos operates on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Depending your time zone, a diary / journal entry could be applied to the day before or the day after. To overcome this hassle we recommend 2 courses of action:

  1. Include the actual day and date of the event in your diary / journal entry – this will solve any confusion at a later stage.
  2. Make diary / journal entry at during the period that your time zone corresponds with the UTC date.

Can I edit or delete an entry?


This is blockchain and there are no do-overs once the transaction is signed. However, you could always make a follow up entry detailing the desired correction to the first.

Can Daily Telos be used for more than just diaries?

Of course. We are certain that creative people will develop many wonderful uses for Daily Telos. A few we can think of already include –

  • A personal journal.
  • A sports journal.
  • An activity tracker.
  • Timesheets.
  • A daily planner.

Can I make diary entries on past and future days?

Not at this time. However, it is an adjustment we may consider making in the future. So in the meantime, keep your diary relevant by posting daily.

Can I edit or delete my diary entry after posting to the blockchain?


Once posted to the blockchain your entry cannot be changed, altered or deleted. However, you can make another diary entry for that day, noting the correction or amendment you wish to make.

So please review your entry thoroughly before posting.

What languages is Telos Diaries available in?

You can post entries in whatever language you wish and we assume that Google will allow you to translate this site as needed.

What happens if Goldsmith Money or Daily Telos close – will I lose my diary?

No. Your diary always exists on the Telos blockchain. Daily Telos is merely one tool to read your Telos blockchain account and allow you to post onto it. There are other similar tools available and more will come along over time.

However – you will lose access to File Proofs, should you choose to use these.

I can’t post – why?

There are three main reasons why you are not able to post your Daily Telos enty.

  • You don’t have the resources in your Telos account – refer to the Telos Resource question above; or,
  • You don’t have a TLOS or HEART in your Telos account; or,
  • The Telos server node we are connected to is down for maintenance. This happens from time to time.

You will need to fix the first two problems yourself – see Set Up Steps. In the case of the node connection being down – please save what you have written and attempt to repost in 24 hours.

I can’t see previous entries on my account – why not?

The only reason for this would be that that Telos node we are connected to is down for maintenance – which happens from time to time. Please check again in 24 hours.

Does Daily Telos censor diary entries?

Whilst all public blockchain entries are written to a public blockchain, not to our own servers, diary entries cannot be censored or deleted. However, we could blacklist an account name from Daily Telos searches if we felt the need to.

The entries on the account would be available for viewing by other means though – just not via the Daily Telos interface.

Who is responsible for my account, the private keys and the entries posted into Daily Telos?

You are!

Daily Telos merely gives you ability to write to the Telos blockchain and read it back on an easy to use interface.

However, this is blockchain – decentralised and permanent. Individuals are ultimately responsible for their own actions, inactions and behaviour. The way the world should be really.

Never forgetting the golden rule –

‘Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.’

A terrific philosophy for life – not just for diaries.

You have the idea and Daily Telos the technology

Elegant and professional