Block Producer

In late 2021, the Daily Telos founders and Heart Farms supporters, Goldsmith & Ted, were determined to do more for the thriving Telos blockchain ecosystem – so Daily Telos BP was formed.

With its hired servers located in the stable and autonomous nation of Singapore, Daily Telos BP now provides the Telos network with an enhanced level of geographic and corporate decentralisation.

Of course, ‘decentralisation’ is a proposition which both Goldsmith & Ted value deeply.

The founders of Daily Telos are decentralisation traditionalists and economic pragmatists, understanding that:

  • Decentralised ecosystems limit the power of central authorities.
  • Decentralised ecosystems reduce the need for inefficient bureaucracy.
  • Decentralised ecosystems create vastly more opportunities for innovation.
  • Decentralised ecosystems of the future will be faster, more efficient and exponentially more transparent than current centralised political and economic systems.

The communities growing upon decentralised blockchains like Telos now, will be the economic metaverses of the future.

Originally Steem bloggers, Goldsmith & Ted became big fans of the great Dan Larimer and his blockchain projects.

Following Dan in the creation of the lightning fast EOSIO blockchain protocol, the two quickly realised that Dan’s true vision for decentralisation was not being realised in EOS.

Instead, this vision was being brought to life by a community of talented and determined engineers and Dapp developers.

This new hope for a decentralised humanity was aptly named – Telos (meaning ‘true purpose’).

Ownership Disclosure

Daily Telos BP (dailytelosbp) is a team team operating under the management of the Goldsmith Family Trust of Australia.

The Goldsmith Family Trust of Australia

Direct inquiries to:


Project oversight and organising, decentralised crypto enthusiast, focused on covering projects at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Ted L.

Lead technical developer for Daily Telos projects and IT head for block production.





As part of our efforts to improve, we upgraded our servers in November 2022 with the inclusion of a 3rd server.  These new servers exceed the Telos Network’s goal of having mainnet block production clock CPU times below 300μs.

Reliable CPU Times

At the time of writing this, our infrastructure was clocking an average CPU speed of below 325μs. The current requirement of Telos Network states that BP’s are required to operate below 500μs.

These speeds allow complex Telos EVM contracts and EVM contract actions to occur.  A Telos EVM transaction might fail if a Block Producer has insufficient CPU speed.

Code of Conduct

The principals of Daily Telos declare to (be):
Demonstrate professionalism and act in good faith.


Adhere to the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement (TBNOA).


Independent and trustworthy.


Live and work in cooperation with other Telos block producers.


Youthful and energetic with respect to network activities and opportunities.


Teach, support and foster a positive Telos culture.


Efficient and effective in the execution of our duties.


Learn, improve and advance along with the Telos network.


Oblige in the reasonable requests of Telos stakeholders.


Surpass minimum Telos block producer requirements.


Build value into the Telos blockchain.


Promote Telos with passion and pride.


Block Producer

Promoting the adoption and advancement of the Telos Blockchain.