Thanking our new colleagues

Yes ladies and gentlemen –

Daily Telos is now a Telos block producer… but we wouldn’t have got here without help.

A testament to the growing success of the Telos blockchain, is the high calibre of block producers who power it.

The more rigs running the chain, the stronger and more decentralised it becomes – and this is great! However, there are only so many paid BP positions (42 in total) – and this is where some healthy competition kicks in.  

Other block producers on other chains might look to stifle competition before they can even get off the ground. But not at Telos, where our highly professional BPs put the best interest of the chain ahead of their own. 

Many have helped Ted and I get our testnet and mainnet servers established over the past month. And we would like to thank them now. So a big THANK YOU to:

  1. Jesse of – General BP, server setup and programming support.
  2. Douglas of Goodblocks – Testnet setup guidance.
  3. Teo of teloskoreabp – Server setup and server configuration support.
  4. Nicolas of Telos Unlimited – Answering general queries when needed.
  5. Sukesh of Telos Green – Answering general queries when needed.
  6. Ralf of Telos Germany Answering multiple queries as needed.
  7. cc32d9 of EOS Amsterdam – Answering general queries when needed.
  8. Roger EOS UK / Telos UK – Answering general smart contract queries.
  9. Basel of Telos Arabia – Answering general queries when needed.

So if you want to know who you should be voting for – we would certainly recommend our distinguished associates noted above.

And should you have any votes remaining after voting for the above BPs – please consider voting for us at Daily Telos BP.