File Proof

Third Party Trust – Traditionally

Traditionally, trust has been created through institutions.  If, for example, a reputable government website makes a claim, it would traditionally be asserted that the government is authoritative and factually correct.

But is it really authoritative and unbiased in our current era?

If the Internet has taught society one thing it is that authoritative third party trust is hard to come by.  News organizations are regularly biased and deceptive.  History is being rewritten within a few years of us living it.  Fact checkers are known to be funded by highly biased organizations and governments.  Governments implement dual-standards of justice, where judges regularly decide by political party affiliation rather than by using the law or facts.

If an ordinary person claims that a certain document existed on December 18, 2020, and it proves that a government committed a crime, can this claim be verified?

What if the government claims that the document was recently falsified?

Daily Telos Blockchain Diary has implemented a feature to solve this very issue, called a File Proof.

Third Party Trust from Decentralized Public Blockchains

A File Proof, logs a file’s existence on the Telos Blockchain, creating a time stamped, verified record of a file’s existence, without revealing the contents of the file.

A Decentralized Public Blockchain is unlikely to be compromised by governments or hackers, while being able to:

– Prove what file existed using a SHA256 hash of a file

– Prove when that file existed using the Telos Blockchain Time Stamp

Importantly, an open source public blockchain is more independently verifiable and trustworthy than:

– Governments, committees, and legal proceedings

– Organizations, religious groups, and political parties– News media, entertainment and television

The File Proof Process

A File Proof entry is automatically generated when you click the +File Proof button.

POST ENTRY = Open up the daily blockchain diary posting system, and it has automatically added your file verification markup to your current post.

COPY POST = Just loads the markup into your clipboard.  Ctrl + V to paste the data somewhere.COPY HASH = less useful, but just lets you copy the SHA256 hash data in case you wanted it for something

Alternatively – if you would like to manually enter the file proof within your post, apply the following markup.

|+| …file name… %% …SHA256 HASH … |+| — Creates file verification.

This entry will create a link to our file verification system. 

Daily Telos will verify if the file you have is identical to the blockchain record, or modified.