Getting Started

Create your new Daily Telos account


If you are experienced in Telos – please create a new Telos account with a new set of public keys

If you are new to Telos – go to signup will allow you to create a brand new Telos native blockchain account, complete with a new set of private keys.

You should refer to regularly to keep up-to-date with all the amazing Telos blockchain developments. This site should be your first point of call for all things Telos.


When establishing your new Telos account you will be asked to create a unique Telos account name. This name will be the name of your Daily Telos account. 

The name must consist of 12 characters, using a-z and/or 1-5. If the account name choose is already in existence, you will be required to select another. You may run as many accounts on Daily Telos as you wish.

If you would like to remain relatively anonymous when it come to your postings, we recommend you choose a simple and non-identifying name. If anonymity is not an issue – be as revealing with your name as you like.


Private Keys

When establishing your new Telos account you will be issued private keys (51 random digits). Please be sure to record your private keys somewhere secure and safe.

Your owner key can be used to change your active key – so lock this key away.

One set of keys can run multiple Daily Telos accounts; or, each Daily Telos account can have its own set of keys.

Active Key

Your active key is needed to transact on the Telos blockchain. You should keep this key handy as you will need it post with Daily Telos.

We suggest saving it into the Password Manager on your web browser for a quick and easy Daily Telos experience.

Change your active key

Your active key can be the same as your owner key however this is less secure. Once you have a chance to become familiar with Telos, you should consider changing the active key to a new key – if both are the same.

Keys can be changed within Anchor and other wallets. However please follow all instructions carefully.

Acquire Telos Tokens (TLOS)

Once you have created your new Telos account – you should check for its existence on the Telos blockchain explorer. Just type the new 12 digit account name into the search bar.

Next you will need to deposit a small amount of native Telos TLOS into your account. Depositing 1-2 TLOS tokens is enough to get you started. At the present time a single Telos token can be acquired for less than $US0.20. If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, you can acquire Telos TLOS directly from an exchange, with KuCoin usually being the most active.

If you are inexperienced with cryptocurrency, you may need to acquire TLOS directly using your Visa or Mastercard. Telos offers this service on their website  through Simplex.

Choose the correct token – Telos (TLOS).
Enter the number of tokens – at this time the minimum purchase amount is $US50 worth of TLOS. (There should be no need to purchase any more than the minimum to use Daily Telos).

Enter your new 12 digit account name (WARNING – your account name must be entered correctly or you risk losing your purchase).

Should any problems occur in the process of purchasing TLOS via the site, you should contact a member of the team via Telegram.

Daily Telos diary / journal entry will cost between 0.01 and 0.02 TLOS, depending upon the number of characters – so a $US50 purchase will probably last you many years.

If you would like run multiple Daily Telos accounts, there is no need to buy new TLOS for each. You should simply import your new accounts into an Anchor Wallet, and transfer TLOS tokens between your Daily Telos accounts. Then once your your new account active on Anchor, you can use it to create as many new Daily Telos accounts as you desire.  Just go to the Tool section (Manage Keys and Create Account).  

Should you get a warning about Low RAM or that there is not enough RAM in your account to make a Daily Telos post – you will definitely need to get your account onto an Anchor Wallet. Here you will be able to purchase the RAM resource for your account. Purchasing just 0.25 TLOS worth of RAM should be enough to last your account a long time.

Finally, it should be noted that the price of your TLOS tokens will go up and down relative to other currencies. Regardless, we have no intention of putting the price to post up – so at the very least you will always receive the same number of Daily Telos posts.

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