By Goldsmith

Notice Board

What started as a personal, timestamped blockchain diary – has now become something more… so much more.

The Daily Telos you know and love is now a Public Notice Board!

Uncensored. Decentralised. No holds barred. No beg your pardons.

This is what blockchain was built for!

Just draft your case, your cause, your contention, your creation, your calendar.

Post it onto the Daily Telos public notice board.

Timestamped. Permanent. Evidentiary. Auditable.

Fast, Elegant, Cheap. Immovable.

Forward your public notice through the realms of social media as far as wide as you desire. Knowing that your words, your thoughts, your knowledge, and YOU… can never be deleted.

This is the Daily Telos Public Notice Board. An inevitability in the blockchain revolution.