Key Elements

The 3 key elements of your Daily Telos


  • Awareness
  • Reflection
  • Transparency
  • Resolution
  • Providence


  • Authenticate
  • Attest
  • Consent
  • Character
  • Recollect


  • Existence
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Perpetuity
  • Ascension


Build personal success through VISION.

Visualise your goals and with each new day – take one step closer.

Consider. Prepare. Execute. Document. Refine. Repeat.


Protect that which you have built with PROOF. Written and time stamped  attestation of times, people, places and events. 

Backed up by blockchain technology. Available so long as the Telos blockchain exists.



Preserve your achievements, your actions and experiences – for yourself and for the generations to come.

Enshrine your LEGACY upon an infallible immutable, decentralised blockchain.


Your Telos is your life’s journey, your end goal, your ultimate purpose. 

Your Daily Telos lets you save it permanently utilising blockchain technology.

No trolls. No bots. No arguments. It’s 100% you!

My vision. My proof. My legacy.

'Quick to post, quicker to retrieve and saved forever on blockchain.'