Telos Oracle & Data Logging Service (data.scribe)

Daily Telos has developed and deployed a smart contract for public use with the Telos Blockchain. It is a modest contract that is great as an adjunct to your dApp or smart contract.

Contract operates on Telos mainnet and testnet under the account: data.scribe

Detailed specifications can be found on our github.

In medieval times, a scribe was the trusted member of an organization that would keep and log records. Today, in the world of cryptocurrency, our scribe contract becomes a ready-built configurable logging system for your project’s records.

In summary, the contract enables users such as dApps or Oracles to post content to the Telos blockchain. They can post in a text message format (using message action) or they can post directly to RAM (using update action).

Key Features

  • Posting longer string data to Telos Blockchain, creating a historical record at the time of entry.
  • Embedding variables inside your text message which then update to RAM.
  • RAM variable updates using: unsigned integers, integers, assets, or strings.
  • Logging to RAM based on time period, categorizing data based on: hour, day, month, year
  • Mathematical operations on variable data such as: set value, add, subtract, multiply, divide, modulus, min value, max value.
  • Multiple values updated at once in a single contract action.
  • Auto-clearing of old values when logging new data over time (see tlimit).
  • Variable names and rows scoped to user account calling the update / message actions.
  • Users may call clearing functions to free up their RAM at any time.

Example Use Cases

  • An Oracle can post a string message to ACTION message, and embed within there a value of a currency. This contract can log the min and max value of that currency on an hourly basis.
  • Your dApp can log a JSON string via ACTION message.
  • Your dApp could have users log in RAM their own account profile / settings data for your dApp, which charges RAM to their Telos account.
  • Great for linking to a front-end which produces charts over time period, based on data your oracle submitted.
  • Stats tracking for your smart contract, just call the ACTION update.