Tech Roadmap

A Timeline of Daily Telos

March 2022 Daily Telos
Updating Daily Telos Features

The next release of Daily Telos is scheduled for March 2022.  Several improvements to the software are being considered.

December 2021 Block Producer
Expanding our Involvement

In December, we launched our block producer initiative for Telos, where we endeavor to promote the use and adoption of Telos.

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December 2021 Brand Change
A New Vision: Public Notice Board

Future Daily Telos branding and product development will focus on Daily Telos as an excellent way to post public notices!

June 2021 Telos Oracle Dashboard
Learning & Growing on Telos
After the launch of Daily Telos, our lead developer expanded his knowledge by participating in the Telos Oracles Dashboard project.  This project runs on the Telos native blockchain. Try it Out
May 2020 Open Source Project
Simple NFT

Our lead developer, launched Simple NFT for EOSIO, specifically with Telos in mind.  It is a simplified code base for NFT projects to use, available as open source code.  View Project

19th December 2020 Project Launch
Daily Telos Creates Immutable Records
We launched the first version of Daily Telos, which allowed anyone to post immutable records and file proofs on the Telos Blockchain.
Block #: 126,994,663