Markup Language

Styling your Daily Telos

Naturally you are going to want to add your unique style to your public blockchain diary. The following is how you do this.

Title for Entry

A Title will be created using the first line of a dairy entry. This title will be displayed as is, up to 24 characters. If you hit character 25, the system then adds a “…” to the end, and splits the line, putting the extra text into the diary entry.


By putting a blank space in the first line and skipping to the second line, you can create a blank title.
Headers# starting a line creates a Big Header## starting a line creates a Small Header

Bold and Italic

** … ** – Double ** surrounding text, applies bold.
++ .. ++ – Double ++ surrounding text, applies italic.


|| … || – Double || surrounding a valid URL, creates a normal link.
|| …url… | …text… || – Double || with a separating | in the middle, creates a descriptive link, where text links to a url.

Horizontal Rule

—  Three on a line, creates a horizontal rule.

Space between paragraphs

Need a space between lines? On a new line type &nbsp

Emoji 💯

For the Ultimate Emoji Guide – try this site. All Emojis should work on your Daily Telos – Blockchain Diary. 😀

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