The evolution of personal diaries

By Daniel M

New technologies are very positive and advantageous for the progress of humanity and in the future, they will be essential to work or simply to live

Now, we know that today, a product can go from being a great unknown to become an element of mass consumption in a very short time, something that is increased when we refer to products or services related to technology and innovation. and I have seen closely the great acceptance that this Application has had in the market. many still do not know the great tool that is Daily telos but if many already know the great benefits

Personal diaries or work agendas, today, cannot make the definitive leap to digital, But neither can they just think that the strategy for the future will be found in their last. What is happening, in most of the working groups, is that with the Paper editions can cost you infinite Paying a lot of money a year, for its part, the digital agenda can save many dollars a year on paper.

And this is where it seems that there is the greatest benefit of using this type of digital diaries or work agendas such as Daily Telos, a digital newspaper at the lowest cost on the market. Their rates are so low that you don’t realize how much they spend annually. (currently paid with Telos or Heart currency)

The aim is to show that digital media are consolidating compared to conventional ones, as support for daily benefits. It is observed as part of the investment in advertising inserts of physical personal diaries or physical work agendas with which these counted until just a few years ago, it is currently being allocated to digital media, specifically to digital newspapers, thus achieving forms the loss of income and the decline in which the newspapers are immersed (based on some of the existing studies and theories on this subject up to the date)